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Justin Hanover

Justin Hanover is an Entrepreneur who specializes in growth and business development.

Entering the fitness industry at 19, Justin lacked a solid business foundation but was fueled by a passion to assist others, make a significant impact, and the belief that success was his only option.

Eleven years later, with multiple successful ventures to his name, Justin is recognized for his insights into business growth in his role as the Head of Client Success at Fitness Revolution.

He launched his career with a mobile training service, bringing fitness to clients' homes and workplaces. Within four months, he seized an opportunity to open a small studio in Watertown, CT. In less than a year, he reached a full roster of 40 clients, a milestone that led him to expand services and build a supportive team, transitioning from a solo operation to a collaborative business model. This shift marked a turning point, eventually leading to the establishment of a 6,000 square foot gym with over 350 members, 8 staff members, a profitable enterprise, and the realization of his vision. Additionally, Justin started and hosted a podcast, ranking in the top 5% globally.

Justin's drive extends to aiding fellow fitness business owners through Fitness Revolution, where he enjoys guiding them towards greater business acumen. His efforts amplify the impact of these inherently compassionate entrepreneurs by equipping them with essential tools and frameworks.

Since marrying Lindsay in 2017, Justin cherishes outdoor adventures with their dog, Tucker, and their son. Their leisure time often involves exploring new wineries, savoring fine wine, and indulging in quality cheese.

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